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Quidditch Pinball

Quidditch Pinball


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Hop on Your broomsticks and get ready to play an exciting game of Quidditch Pinball, the newest model in the Ugears Harry Potter collection. This working pinball game is based on the fictional wizarding game of Quidditch from the beloved series of Harry Potter books and movies, where players fly around an aerial arena while trying to throw or hit the Quaffle through three rings on their opponents' side of the field, scoring ten points each time they do. Any team catching the Golden Snitch scores 150 points and wins the game.

The DIY Ugears Quidditch Pinball model is a visually-stunning stadium, comprising a playing field made of cardboard printed with decorative elements, 8 elevated viewing platforms engraved with the logos of the four houses of Hogwarts (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin), functional scoreboard, a chest for storing the Golden Snitch and three Quaffle balls, and functional pinball game elements including flippers, bumpers, targets and obstacles.

This "Advanced" level model with 402 pieces is meant for experienced modellers or those up for a challenge, and promises 10+ hours of exciting build time

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Ready to Build

Ugears models are made from sustainably sourced, laser cut plywood sheets. Everything you need is inside the box, so you can get building right away.


No batteries, no electricity, just Ugears. All mechanical models are powered by the ingenious mechanisms built by you. Just wind up your model and watch it come to life.

No Glue

Pieces have been designed so they will either click or slide into place. No glue or any other kind of adhesive is needed to build your model.


Models take inspiration from real life inventors and engineers, such as Da Vinci and Galileo. Learn the history behind the model as you build.