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Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts Express


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  • 504

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    Est. Time (hrs)
  • 14+

  • Advanced

LxWxH 905 mm x 125 mm x 100 mm

  • ENTER THE WORLD OF HARRY POTTER: The UGears Hogwarts Express train set includes a spring-powered locomotive with a section of track, a coal tender, a passenger carriage, and a Platform 9 ¾ buffer stop for an elegant static display
  • SUPERB MECHANICS: The passenger carriage has 3 compartments, 3 doors, and a removable roof, allowing you to place the figurines of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley on special mounts that move side-to-side when the train is in motion
  • WIND UP THE SPECIAL KEY: Twist the smokestack Start/Stop switch, then watch the mesmerizing motion of the locomotive's gears and wheels as it chugs ahead. The Hogwarts Express can travel 4 meters with tender and carriage or 6 meters locomotive only
  • EVERYTHING INCLUDED: One of the great things about our model kits is that no glue or special tools are required. To assemble, just punch the pieces out of the pre-cut boards and snap them together. Detailed instructions are available in 11 languages
  • A MAGICAL GIFT: The Hogwarts Express Train Set makes a fantastic birthday gift for kids 14+ years old or a Christmas present for Harry Potter Wizarding World fans! A magical 3D puzzle from the wizarding world for any Harry Potter fan
  • Kit contains all required components and no glue is required
  • Precision laser cut plywood. Only requires assembly.
  • UGears Mechanical Models are self-propelled, mechanical wooden model assembly kits.
  • Perfect for family projects, puzzle enthusiasts, and hands-on STEM learning
  • 504 parts
  • Assembly time: 7 hours
  • Model size 905x125x100mm
Hogwarts™ Express by Ugears
Assemble me. Depart to Hogwarts™ with me!

Enter the Wizarding World and join Harry, Hermione and Ron on an exciting journey aboard the HogwartsTM Express with this special working model train by Ugears. Leaving from King's Cross Station in London with destination Hogsmeade Station near Hogwarts Castle, this beautiful wooden model train has a spring-powered locomotive, a coal tender, and a passenger carriage in which three figurines of the young wizarding heroes are seen heading off to school. Wind the model with the special key, twist the smokestack Start/Stop switch, then watch the mesmerizing motion of the locomotive's gears, wheels and connecting rods as it chugs ahead. The Ugears HogwartsTM Express can travel 4 meters (with tender and carriage) or 6 meters (locomotive only) on any smooth, flat surface. This beautiful 3D wooden model train also comes with a section of track and Platform 9 ¾ buffer stop for an elegant static display.

The handsome locomotive can be run on its own or coupled with two cars—a coal tender and a passenger carriage. The tender has an empty coal compartment in which you can store the train's wind-up key or other small objects. The passenger carriage has three compartments, three doors that open, and a removable roof, allowing you to place the figurines of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley on special mounts that move side-to-side when the train is in motion. You can also place these character figurines next to the train for static display, as though the youngsters were waiting to board the magical HogwartsTM Express for another term at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The locomotive is the driving force of the model, with its metal spring engine and gears that transmit power to the moving wheels. The locomotive is wound using a special key (there are winding slots on both the left and right side of the engine), but first be sure to twist the smokestack to the "Stop" position. Once the spring is wound, hold the model while twisting the smokestack to the "Start" position, then release and watch the train pull out in a straight line. Look at those beautiful train engine wheels and coupling rods in action!

The DIY model train recreates the look of the "GWR 5972 Olton Hall" locomotive used in the Harry Potter movie series, based on a magical universe, created by J. K. Rowling. The model is rated "Advanced" difficulty level with an estimated assembly time of 7 hours. The locomotive can be assembled in about 3 hours, giving you a head start on imaginative play! This DIY wooden model kit consists of 504 parts that are laser pre-cut into wooden boards. To assemble, simply remove the pieces from the boards and snap them together following the detailed, illustrated instructions available in 11 languages. One of the great things about our models is that no glue or special tools are required—everything you need for assembly is included in the box.

Ugears' outstanding collection of mechanical 3D puzzles, DIY model kits, automatons, robots, wooden puzzle boxes and STEM Lab model kits are enjoyed by experienced model hobbyists and beginning builders the world over. If you break a part during assembly just send an email to our outstanding customer service team at and we'll be glad to send you replacement parts at no additional cost, as part of our overall commitment to customer service. You can choose to leave your completed model in its attractive, natural wood state, paint it in the livery colors of the HogwartsTM Express as seen in the Harry Potter movies, or give it your own original finish. Paint not included.

This beautiful train model will appeal to all witches, wizards, and muggles everywhere, train enthusiasts, model hobbyists, collectors of model trains, and anyone who loves to work and build things with their hands. The HogwartsTM Express model train kit is a great gift idea for parents of children who love the Harry Potter series of books and movies, or parents looking for a fun craft project to build with their children. When you build a Ugears model you don't just have an attractive display piece, you have a toy that will bring hours of fun. Discover the magic of mechanics, gears, and building a working machine with your own hands. Once you see the results you might even begin to suspect that you too are a wizard or witch!

WIZARDING WORLD characters, names and related indicia are © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. WB SHIELD: © & ™ WBEI. Publishing Rights © JKR. (s22)

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Ready to Build

Ugears models are made from sustainably sourced, laser cut plywood sheets. Everything you need is inside the box, so you can get building right away.


No batteries, no electricity, just Ugears. All mechanical models are powered by the ingenious mechanisms built by you. Just wind up your model and watch it come to life.

No Glue

Pieces have been designed so they will either click or slide into place. No glue or any other kind of adhesive is needed to build your model.


Models take inspiration from real life inventors and engineers, such as Da Vinci and Galileo. Learn the history behind the model as you build.