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Fire Ladder

Fire Ladder


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LxWxH 345 mm x 200 mm x 125 mm

  • Fire Truck Model Kit: UGears Fire Truck functions like a true Rescue & Fire Truck with a turning foot, moving apart & climbing the ladder, which changes into a real crane with a hook. The Fire Ladder has several controls. Press the lever and lift the ladder. Turn the platform to the right or the left. Fix the selected position with a special ratchet.
  • Made from Small Wooden Pieces: This Wooden Fire Truck Model Kit consists of 537 pre-cut small wooden pieces that need to be assembled by yourself. Building the model is very exciting with your own hands. Great gift for the creation of unforgettable times of working together on projects between you and your kids.
  • Stem Learning Toy: Your adventure begins when you open the box with your new model kit from UGears. This is when you will experience the pleasant smell of real wood that will stay with you all the way through the process of assembly, testing, and play. Plan and build your own structure like a true engineer. Details are already cut and ready to assemble.
  • Perfect for Any Room Decoration: The 3D Mechanical fire truck model is also perfect for displaying in a child's bedroom, playroom, or study area. Its suspension of the front wheels makes the Roadster look even more realistic. Made with safe, premium quality natural wood material that has grooved edges which makes It'safe for children and adults.
  • Build Fine Motor Skills: UGears puzzles use an exclusively developed, extra-thick wooden piece combined to create a puzzle and give you the best experience possible. Spend your spare time in the construction of the STEM learning toy and enjoy yourself. The wooden truck pieces fit together precisely.
  • Kit contains all required components and no glue is required
  • Precision laser cut plywood. Only requires assembly.
  • UGears Mechanical Models are self-propelled, mechanical wooden model assembly kits.
  • Perfect for family projects, puzzle enthusiasts, and hands-on STEM learning
  • 537 parts
  • Assembly time: 14-16 hours
  • Model size 345x200x125mm
Ugears DIY self-propelled wooden puzzle Fire Truck with Ledder

The Fire Truck is a self-propelled wooden model from the new UGEARS Trucks collection. Intelligent design mixed with smart engineering inside. The Fire Truck functions like a real Rescue& Fire Truck with turning foot, moving apart & ascending ladder, which transforms into real crane with hook.

The UGEARS Fire Truck is equipped with the retractable 3-Section Fire Ladder on a rotating platform. Length when fully extended – 70cm. The Fire Ladder has several controls. Press the lever and lift up the ladder. Turn the platform to the right or to the left. Fix the selected position with a special ratchet. All three sections of the ladder are extending ahead. Ascend the ladder and you’ll get a real crane with hook at its end.

There is even a little ladder to help Firemen to climb on the truck in few seconds. Like in a real Fire Truck it is mounted on back.

Based on UGM-11 Truck, the Fire Truck is equipped with a four-cylinder rubber band engine and moves on its own forward in the “drive” mode and back on “reverse” transmission mode. Start the engine in 'idle mode' and look at four pistons which move realistically under the folding hood.

The kit has all you need for assembly: a set of high-quality plywood boards with precisely cutout parts, detailed step by step instructions and several spare parts inside.

The cutting is well done; each of the parts comes out of the plywood sheets easily. No glue and special tools are needed for putting the model together. You can assemble it at home on the table. Fits together like a puzzle without glue or special tools thanks to UGEARS’ patented plywood joints

Assemble without glue like all UGEARS models by step-be-step, truly easy to follow, color instruction manual. Pre-cut parts are easily pressed out from the board.

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Ready to Build

Ugears models are made from sustainably sourced, laser cut plywood sheets. Everything you need is inside the box, so you can get building right away.


No batteries, no electricity, just Ugears. All mechanical models are powered by the ingenious mechanisms built by you. Just wind up your model and watch it come to life.

No Glue

Pieces have been designed so they will either click or slide into place. No glue or any other kind of adhesive is needed to build your model.


Models take inspiration from real life inventors and engineers, such as Da Vinci and Galileo. Learn the history behind the model as you build.