Can a child build Ugears models?

Yes, children can build some of the easier Ugears mechanical models on their own, or assemble some of the more complex puzzles with an adult’s assistance. For kids ages 8+, Ugears has a special STEM Lab collection that shows the workings of commonly used mechanisms, like a pendulum or gearbox. The youngest builders will enjoy working on Ugears colouring models.

Do I need to cut parts out of the boards with a knife?

No, the parts are laser pre-cut, so you can just press them out of their boards. Parts are connected to the boards with small crosspieces. If you ever have difficulty removing a piece, and are worried about breakage, you can carefully cut the crosspiece with a knife.

Any advice on assembly?

  • When removing parts from the laser pre-cut boards, press from the side with the thicker cut lines.
  • Check gears and other moving parts for burrs, and sand them if necessary, as rough edges or protruding burrs may jam the mechanism.
  • Wax all gears and moving parts for smoother operation.
  • To install a rubber band into a tiny opening, stretch the rubber band to make it thinner.

Can I paint or stain the models?

Yes, you can paint, stain or decorate Ugears models.We recommend using one of the following:

  • oil-based paint pens
  • acrylic paint markers with wide and pointy tips
  • acrylic paints
  • spray paints
  • wood stains

Some paints or stains will absorb into the wood and make it swell, which can affect the mechanisms, so we recommend applying in thin layers.

Do I need any tools to assemble Ugears models?

No, everything needed for assembly is already included in the box. Ugears models can be built without need for any additional tools or glue. Of course, we realise hobbyists love using tools, so if any of your favourite tools help you build, go right ahead—who are we to say you can't use them! At times a modelling knife can be helpful to remove pieces from their boards, or to smooth or remove burrs, but we also include punch pieces and sandpaper in the kits to help with these same tasks.